I absolutely LOVE traveling.  I love seeing new places, watching new people, learning new cultures, hearing new languages, and just being some place new! I even love going on planes, trains, boats, car rides, subways, and walking to new places. Here are so maps that show the places I’ve been to (does not include airports.  Although I’d love to say being stuck in the London Heathrow Airport for 3 days counted as being in the UK.).

Countries I’ve Visited
Make yours @
Make yours @
If you can’t tell, I’ve been to Palestine, Israel, and Jordan.  Those are the purple dotes on the right side of the map. There should also be a purple dot in the caribbean for the Bahamas, cause I’ve been there too. 🙂
US States I’ve Visited
Make yours @
Make yours @

These maps show I haven’t been to many places, but I honestly want to visit the whole world.  There’s no place I’d say no to traveling to and I’m excited for when I get a chance to travel more! I want to try all the food, hear all the music, and meet as many people as I can. Sometimes I think if I just became a chef, I could do all of this.  We’ll see though… always trying to figure out my life and I know that will never stop.

This blog will have all of my travels documented from here on. I’ll take pictures, meet people, and post it all here. So Enjoy!

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