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4 more hours

I’m heading to Amman today…I’ve been traveling since Sunday, June 30 starting from 7:30am…was on a plane for 4 hours, had a lay over in Chicago for 4 hours and have been on this flight to Amman for 10 hours…4 more to go!

Though I’m typing while I’m on the plane, this post will be published after I’m well off the plane.

I just felt like writing since I can’t sleep. I’ve already watched Lincoln amd Wreck it Ralph on our tv screens – loved them both! Lincoln was so well done and Joseph Gordon Levitt was in it as well as Adam from Girls! Whaatt?!?!?! I loved how Adam delivered the 2 lines he had. Wreck it Ralph was adorable and so perfect. Man, Pixar and Disney just do a great job at touching your heart.

Now I’m debating watching the hobbit or a different movie.

Well, we’re almost there. Inshallah it seems faster than 4 hours…

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The Effects of Movies and Music

“The wind talks back… my bones are shifting in my skin, and you my love are gone.”

This quote is from a song by Ingrid Michaelson called The Chain, which you can see here:

It’s by far my favorite song of Ingrid Michaelson.  The lyrics are relatable to people who’ve been through heartbreak and the desire of taking that previous lover back.  I definitely have been there.  But that’s not what gets me about this song, it’s how the music is composed and how intense it is, and yet so simply.

This song includes a musical composition called a round. Most people know what it is because they’ve done it in elementary school with songs like “Row, row row your boat,” and “Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, brother John…”  But for those of you that are unsure, a round is when more than two voices sing a melody but begin at different times while still maintaining a harmonious fit.

If you listen to the song, you can here the music building throughout the round, and all the voices are doing are singing the same thing louder than softer, and yet it has such a dramatic effect.  I always get chills when I hear this song, ESPECIALLY with the cello! (The live version of the song, which is above, has it.  The recorded one does not.) I just love how strong this song has an effect on me when it’s quite a simple song.  But that’s what’s great about Ingrid Michaelson.  She’s an artist that seems to understand less is more.

The Fighter seems to have done that to me as well.  I just saw the movie roughly twenty minutes ago and I was completely drawn to it and completely… how should I say this… emotional after watching it.

If you don’t know the movie, here is the wikipedia article on it:  It’s about this fighter, who struggles in the ring and with his family.  And they have a WHOLE lot of problems.  It’s a very good movie, and Christian Bale was spectacular in it.

When I compare how the song effected me like the movie, I in no way am saying that this movie is simply, because it’s not where close to that.  But a single moment, a single action can effect you so strongly in a movie.  This movie had MANY of those scenes.  I don’t want to give anything away, but there were many arguments and fights in that movie, but the ones that seemed to affect me the most were the ones that seemed so real to me.

I’m being very vague because I’m not really sure how strong the effect of this movie was on me.  I didn’t cry, but I felt emotional.  I felt sad and hopeful all at the same time.  It was like I could relate to this movie, even though I’m not a fighter, a crack head, or a white, christian family in Boston.

Music and many movies have this strong effect on me sometimes to where I just feel inspired, compassionate, and just FEEL in general.  They help me think about my life, what I’m doing with it, what’s good and bad about it, and how thankful I should be for everything.

I think that’s why I named my Blog “The Wind Talks Back.”  It’s a lyric of a song I really like, but it’s also a symbol of life and how there is more than one way for someone or something to talk to you and make an impact on your life.  That’s how music and some movies are to me.  They make an impact on my life and let me see how everything else in my life has done so too.

It’s not just my loved ones talking back to me, but the wind talks back too. And it is just as important to know what it has to say.

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