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Last Day in the Middle East

I have many posts in draft currently that I plan on posting later – as you all should know (see previous post), but since today is my last day in the Middle East, I thought I’d post something quick.

Even though this trip was bittersweet with everything that happened, I still had an amazing time.

I always love seeing my family and I wish these reunions could happen more often – makes me want to get married just to see them. (Not ready yet!)

I LOVE being in Ramallah and seeing and hearing where my family grew up and meeting the people that knew my grandfather and family. Though I’m terrible at Arabic and am not as accustom to the little things in the culture there, I still feel a sense of belonging and a sense of comfort. Not sure how else to describe it.

All in all, there were good and bad times, but I’ll always remember how amazing this trip was – mainly because it brought me closer to my family.

I’ll be back in the states by tomorrow night, inshallah. I’ll share more of my stories later.


The City of Ramallah

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Made it to Ramallah!

To quickly give a live update (even though I just posted), I’ve made it to Ramallah and am staying with my uncle and his family in their upstairs house. Though the trip took longer than expected, we made it safely and soundly.

I’ll hopefully have some down time tomorrow to do some REAL blogging.


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Amman – Not as a Tourist

I thought I would have a bit more time while being in Jordan to do some blogging…but I have no idea why I thought that when all my days have been jam packed!

This time around, I’m seeing Amman in a different light than last time – more of experiencing the locals life instead of the tourists. Its interesting, exciting, but exhausting! They stay up late, eat super late, wake up late and take their time to do everything – similar to what college in the states can be like, but with Aaraak (like Greek oozo), hooka, and Arab dancing.

We arrived after a 14 hour flight from Chicago to Amman and waited in line to get our visa’s, which took a bit of time. If there is one thing I’ve learned about Jordan, it’s that time means nothing to people.  If a friend comes by while someone is working, he’ll take a 2 hour break just to talk to him. If there is luggage to be sent from the plane to the airport, they’ll take a cigarette break between a few pieces of luggage. It’s a bit ridiculous, but their life style.

Either way, we got to our hotel, met with everyone and prepared for all the parties.

I had to do some paperwork with my mom that lead us to the Jordanian courthouse and the Arab Bank. Made me feel like I was living a day in the life of a Jordanian…sorta I guess.

I’ll leave this post at that and talk about the parties in a separate post – which was mainly what I did in Amman. I’ll also post pictures later when I’m not writing in bed. It’s 12:30am here and it’s the earliest I’ve slept since I got here.

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