Music has been in my life since before I was born.  Both my grandmothers played the piano and sang and one even taught piano.  My dad knew to play the ud and guitar and my mom loves singing and dancing. We’ve always had music playing in the house–whether it was Arabic music, Latin music, or Pop music.  I always had rhythm, could sing, and always loved listening to music. So I decided to start playing the alto saxophone in 6th grade.

I’ll have to admit, as a kid, Kenny G definitely inspired to play the sax, though I am quite a bit embarrassed by that statement. Knowing what I know now, he’s just aight. He has talent, but he’s not really the kind of saxophonist I’m into anymore. Though I commend him doing the Katy Perry video. ANYWAYS, I fell in love with the alto saxophone and jazz music and knew this was a everlasting love.

Now I listen to about every genre and enjoy them all for various reasons. I high school, I discovered I had an actual talent when it came to singing and now love singing everything and anything.  Music has a way of touching my soul completely differently than anything else in the world. Whatever I am feeling, one song can bring my spirits up, remind of certain moments in my life, and sometimes help me cry when I really need it.  It’s as if Music is my best friend in the form of sound.

This blog will have lots of references to music, singing, songs, instruments, and artists that I love and appreciate.  I find sharing music is one of the best ways to connect with people. The feeling people can get through music is something magically and I hope to share that here. So enjoy!

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